Dinning Room of Ambhara

• D’ Barons Pub

Dinning Room of Ambhara

Located at lobby level, the pub offers a venue to relax and unwind. The mix decoration of English and East create the comfortable atmosphere to all our guests. Join us for fun!

• Dapua Rampah Restaurant

Located at lobby level, this restaurant brings you to the true traditions of Minang – Melayu. Built in a contemporary setting, it guides a new and refreshing identity of Sumatra and Malay restaurant of days gone by.
• Pelangi Restaurant

Located at lobby level, the restaurant offers a la carte menu, both International favorites and Indonesia specialties, including daily buffet for breakfast, lunch and diner.

• Café de France

Located at lobby level, this bistro offers a superb selection of coffee and a wide array of cakes, pastries, breads, salads and snacks. It is also available for delivery services by contact our Toll Free Line 0800 1270088.

• Healthy Lounge

Located at 4th floor, the lounge offers selection of healthy food and beverages for you to consume after your sports activities in the fitness center, so that your body’s health will remain intact.

• Seruni Lounge

Located at lobby level, this lounge offers a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with connoisseurs’ selection of teas from around the world.

• D’ Terrace Bakery & Cake Shop

Located at lobby level, the bakery & cake shop offers selection of variety bread and cake for you to enjoy with business partners, friends or your family.